Cultivating Vessels of Honor

Weh ah du. (What I Do)

I like to say that I’m a wearer of many hats, although in reality I don’t even own one. My goal is to use every gift God has given me while I’m on this earth.

Writer, Speaker, Christian Creative best describes what I do.

Ah Kriyayt. I Create.

I love creating beautiful things to share with others. Cards, calendars, booklets, devotionals, motivational quotes, and much more. It’s been such a wonderful journey and I look forward to sharing with you.

Ah Taak. I Speak.

Laughter, tears, and life-changing nuggets are what you are bound to get with me. I do not shy away from passionately challenging women to step into their God-given purpose and embrace their gifts and talents. 

Ah Rait. I Write.

I have been journaling for years and always struggled to find the courage to put  my writings in the public space until 2017. I write Devotionals, Bible studies and whatever the Lord lays on my heart.

Heloa, mee da Andrea

I am a devoted follower of Jesus, a wife to a man who I couldn’t even dream up (yeah, he’s pretty great), mother of 3 amazing children, writer, creator and speaker.  

I am founder of Woman Devoted, this online space, co-founder of Life Uncommon, a ministry that focuses on empowering women to embrace their identity in Christ and use all their God-given gifts and talent.

I love spending time with my family, volunteering as a Childbirth Educator at a local pregnancy center I co-founded, hosting women’s retreats and conferences, and writing devotionals.

I invite you to read my YouVersion devotional, Lamentations & Hallelujahs.


I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

What is Woman Devoted?

An image about woman devoted that says this is a belizean space for women of faith

Woman Devoted is a space dedicated to cultivating a vibrant community of women of faith in Belize who have a desire to walk in step with God’s purpose and live a life devoted to Him. You will notice sprinkles of the Kriol language throughout the site and in my blog posts.

Woman Devoted Circle

This Circle is a group of vibrant women of faith from all walks of life meeting together on a weekly basis to study the Word of God.  We are better together and each voice is important and worthy of being heard. There is space for you at our table. Join us!

Saving A Seat For You Sis!

Picture of a microphone.
Do you have a story to tell? Something you are passionate about? Practical life applications? Your voice is needed! Your gifts are needed! I want to tell your story, to share your passion with others.  I’m saving a seat for you in this space.  Send me a message so we can get started!
Alida Sharp

Whether you want encouragement, words of wisdom, or a deep belly laugh, Andrea’s writing and speaking will fully satisfy your needs. She has a powerful voice filled with fresh insight gleaned from her time in the Word, her life experiences, and her ever-increasing zeal for the Lord. I cannot imagine my life without her in it. She’s been a rock of support, a fountain of life-giving words, and the kick in the pants I’ve needed when I get off track!