Mi Stoari. (My Story)

Welcome!  My name is Andrea and I created this Belizean blog for women of faith here in Belize.  Keep reading to get to know a little but more about me and the work I do.

I was born and raised (baan an rayz) in the small village of  Bermudian Landing in the Central American country of Belize.

After graduating high school I attended a Bible College in Texas where I earned an Associate’s Degree in Biblical Studies and Mission Studies from the International College of Missions.

I currently live in Belmopan, Belize with my husband and 3 children.  If you are not familiar with Belize or Kriol, English is the official language of Belize but my first language is Kriol which you will see sprinkled throughout this site.

I’ve always had a desire to encourage women in Belize and share my story with others. Woman Devoted was birthed from a desire to be an encouragement to women in Belize and abroad, we are called to be vessels of honor and that does require intentionality and cultivation. This space is about the fusion of all that and more!

Small Beginnings

After college, I moved back to Belize, met my husband Dion, and devoted nine years to leading a dynamic youth ministry called Joshua Generation. This was my dream I had from I was a child, to be a youth minister.

When God started to speak to me about closing this chapter of my life and focus on raising my children, I felt such a loss. I was unsure of who I was, I thought at that time that “just a mom” was certainly not enough for me.

Closing that chapter was so difficult but God’s grace sustained me and strengthened me as I took on the most important role of all, being a mommy to three amazing children.

Life Uncommon Ministry

Over 10 years ago, I was approached by the owner of a local tv station in Belmopan to become the host of a daytime television show. I was sure he had the wrong person but after praying about it and talking with my husband, I said yes. I dedicated over 9 years as a cohost of the show, Life Uncommon, formerly ‘Divaz Next Door’ that was aired on television and social media. This show focused on empowering women to embrace and use all their God-given gifts and talent. Out of this show, my co-host and dear friend started to host annual ladies’ getaways in January. Those getaways were the highlight of the year and birthed a bigger vision for us as we continue to work on reaching more women in the country of Belize and internationally.

Life Uncommon Belize Show with Andrea & Alida

Hope for Life

I’ve always had such compassion for women with unintended pregnancies or those struggling and needing assistance. When the call went out for volunteers to start a pregnancy help center, I knew I had to be a part. I was one of two women who showed up and I ended up becoming one of the founding board members of this incredible organization. After meeting many women who had no idea what to expect during labor and childbirth, I began to research Childbirth Education and after a ton of research, I created a curriculum and began to teach Childbirth Education classes to expecting moms. I’m currently in the process of becoming certified and so excited about that completing this process.

In March of 2019, I received an Outstanding Women award in honor of International Women’s month “for outstanding contribution to the Belizean community.”

Andrea Rodriguez receiving award for Woman of the year

Words Unfolded

In 2017,  I published my first devotional book with much fear and trembling. This was such a step of faith for me but I knew that I had to share some of what I like to call, “Lessons in the Dark”. My husband and I went through several years of trials and challenges but praise God He brought us through and I was able to share some of the lessons I learned during that time. You can get a ebook copy of Words Unfolded here.

Andrea Rodriguez with her copy of Words Unfolded


Whether you want encouragement, words of wisdom, or a deep belly laugh, Andrea’s writing and speaking will fully satisfy your needs. She has a powerful voice filled with fresh insight gleaned from her time in the Word, her life experiences, and her ever-increasing zeal for the Lord. I cannot imagine my life without her in it. She’s been a rock of support, a fountain of life-giving words, and the kick in the pants I’ve needed when I get off track!

Alida Sharp

Singer, Songwriter, Writer

I have known  Andrea for almost 12 years. From since I first met her to now, I realize that this feisty lady has grown leaps and bounds in her walk with the Lord. 
I have seen her go through tough times and continue to hold her head high and minister selflessly to others. She is bold and honest about her beliefs in a refreshing way. Her passion to minister to other women has propelled her to challenge herself in many arenas with success. 
Andrea is a really good friend to have. Keep doing
Carolyn Hulse

Educator, Teacher, Trainer, Speaker

Andrea came out with the WORDS UNFOLDED Devotional Series in the midst of one of the most challenging seasons of my adult life. It was a breath of fresh air to me. If I could describe my experience of her devotional in one word it would be gripping. For me it was the melding of scripture into the reality of what laid bare in her life at the time that made it so completely relatable. Her occasional question to God that mirrored my own and simultaneously some answers in scriptures that would be revealed to her in some whimsical way that happened to be what I needed to hear. Her words on and off paper have been a blessing in my life for years and I always look forward to more. I truly believe God has nested a lot of beautiful things within her for His Glory.

Samantha Jacobs

Wife, Mom, Woman of God